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“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.”

—   Oscar Wilde (via third-eyes)

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“Look, I’m not going to apologize for my heart. Ok?”

—   Cosima Niehaus saying probably one of the best lines ever to be written ever. Seriously. Ever.  (via cloneclubbing-with-helena)

Someone said this to me once.

This was how she justified pursuing my partner despite knowing we were together. That her heart could never lead her astray because love was beautiful and pure.

Never apologize for your heart, but if you’re going to be an asshole, I won’t apologize for my heart when it tells me to punch your face in.

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“Don’t tell me I deserve better and then treat me just the same.”

—   Actions Speak Louder than Words (#402: April 15, 2014)

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Willow Smith’s crop top style.

That girl is going to slay the game in a few years, watch. She is going to be the new supermodel.

willow smith has been killin it since she was like 8, she’s so amazing

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I just wanted to let everyone know that next week I will be playing at the Norman Music Festival at Michelangelo’s on Thursday the 24th at 8:00!

Also, on Saturday 26th, I will be performing at the ACM Performance Lab, competing in the Ok City Star Finals. The audience gets to vote for the winner, so come out and enjoy the show and VOTE!

There is more information about all my upcoming gigs on my facebook page. ‘Like’ it to keep informed! I would love to see you guys at a show!


Sheldon explaining fandom life

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You and I - 2 days to go

i thought he was dying from the cold but he looks flawless how????


You and I - 2 days to go

i thought he was dying from the cold but he looks flawless how????

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We really need to talk about this scene a lot, because holy wow. The MCU movies have definitely been getting a little darker since the Avengers, and Iron Man 3 was definitely the grimmest of that particular trilogy so far, but scenes like this? This is pure optimism. Tony is told he can save 4 out of 13, and then he saves all 13 of them anyway, because these people can work together and help Tony save them. 

If a similar scenario had happened in the Dark Knight Saga or Man of Steel, you know damn well 9 out of those 13 people would have been dead. Hell, Bruce or Clark would have been lucky to even save the 4, because DC movies have gone down a route of unrelenting grtty realism that makes good old super heroics virtually impossible. Bruce can’t save the city without faking his own death; Clark can’t save the world without becoming a murderer.

But even in the darkest hours of the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark can damn well save 13 people plummeting to their certain death. Is it realistic? Hell no. But it was an awesome victory that both Tony and the audience needed at this point in the story, and by god it was heroic.

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“Alone had always felt like an actual place to me, as if I weren’t a state of being, but rather a room where I could retreat to be who I really was.”

—   Cheryl Strayed, Wild. (via ac-z)

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